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Your StrideUK 3D Running Analysis Report as follows

   Prior to your departure, we'll forward you a full digital report of your analysis directly from Motion Metrix Sweden. These reports are the screenshots of the software that we use which include every stage we've covered during your visit. Alongside the screen shots, we'll also include an MP4 movie file of your actual running time which feature the 3D segmented version of your technique. We've found that our clients love to receive this file as it's great to demonstrate on their Smartphones and is of perfect size and quality to place on Social media sites to help promote how awesome our systems are!

Here's what we send you after

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On departure, please expect a further email summarising specific areas of our findings and includes reminders of the drills and exercises you should be promoting. This prevents you from stressing out trying to remember everything we throw at you during your visit. Although Biomechanics (especially 3D force measurement) can be enough to bring anyones brain to overheat at times. We hope that the bespoke directory of illustrations and descriptions we provide prove easy to understand and follow. Needless to say, we'd always be happy to receive any questions by email should you require any further information. 



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