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Part of our goal is to keep things simple.

Whereas our previous module selection had more options than a TGI Friday menu, we're very proud to simplify our service and offer only the top titles! 

The Runners MOT

Get marathon / race ready with the Runners MOT Running Analysis.

Are you new to running? Looking to get best prepared and help remain as injury free as possible for your race or not.

This is a 45 minute 'MOT' analysis where reports are sent to you within 48 hours after your departure. The Runners MOT does what it says, it involves vital checks to help keep you safe and roadworthy! 
The Runners MOT Module includes:

  • Find and understand your race pace.
  • Running analysis of your race pace.
  • Running analysis tad faster than your race pace
  • Running shoe suitability
  • Injury prevention tips
  • Marathon training advice
  • Homework (strength & conditioning)


which module suits you


The Gold 'performance' service

The Gold module is where the performance gains can be found. This is our all seasoned 'runners choice' module for investigating an injury, a plateau or a PB.

This is a fully comprehensive 2hr + 3D analysis with real time feedback and clinic time. The Gold would be the only way to go for a more 'reactive / turnkey' investigation. The Gold module includes:

  • Real time feedback throughout
  • Retests 'reactive' to previous tests
  • Posture  / cadence trials
  • Injury clinic time to examine and test
  • Practical time to cover homework.
  • Running shoe suitability
  • Results supported by email 48 hrs later


Why go Gold when the MOT is 3 x cheaper?

So you're probably thinking either the Runners MOT Module is super cheap, or the Gold performance Module is super dear. The answer would very much be: The MOT is super cheap but the Gold is super beneficial.
The key difference between the two of these modules are purely time related.
The Runners MOT is a 45 minute fully comprehensive overview of your running form with feedback forwarded to you 48 hrs after you leave. The Runners MOT does what it says, it involves vital checks to help keep you safe and roadworthy! This is ideal for anyone new to running, new to marathon training or looking to remain as injury free as possible when you're running.

The Gold is a 2 hour + investigation giving you real time feedback as the picture unfolds. The Gold module is where the performance gains can be found. The Gold module includes time to retest at different paces / posture and cadence (mindful of our initial findings) until we find what works best for you. The Gold also includes injury clinic time to help us examine any injuries or niggles you have a build a rehab program around that.   

Our rule of thumb:
If injured - go Gold. If coming back from an injury - go Gold. If chasing a PB - go Gold. If looking to increase distance - go Gold. If looking for top end efficiency - go Gold. If exploring new form - go Gold

If new to running - go MOT. If wanting to start running season with less vulnerability to injury - go MOT. If running feels tiring or legs feel heavy - go MOT. If looking for the perfect Runners MOT - go MOT. 


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