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The Gold running analysis

The Gold module running analysis is a 2 hour + investigation giving you real time feedback as the picture unfolds. The Gold module is where the performance gains can be found. The Gold module includes time to retest at different paces / posture and cadence (mindful of our initial findings) until we find what works best for you. 
The Gold Running analysis allows us time to test out a few ideas (and maybe put some old theories to rest). 

  • Which speed are you most efficient ?
  • Which speed are you most inefficient ?
  • What happens when we run you at comfortable pace?
  • What happens when we run you at race pace?
  • What happens if we increased your cadence ?
  • What happens if we alter your foot placement ?
  • What happens if we alter your posture when you run ?
  • What happens if you run in a different running shoes ?
  • What happens if we test you with your orthotics in ?
  • What happens if we test you with your orthotics out ?

In the past (yet still being promoted by other running stores / coaches) all running tips were provided  / prescribed on very much a theoretical basis as running performance was theory driven. Our service has the ability to measure 'before and after' allowing to seal the deal as to what physically and scientifically
works best for you. In my eyes, 3D analysis proves the greatest test of time "seeing is believing."

An introduction to 3D analysis

If you're still not sure as to what measures we go to to help reduce injury and improve performance. This 4 minute introduction will give you a great insight as to how our 3d software works and more importantly how we can help. This is a young female athlete looking to increase her mileage to marathon distance (and wants to have a good stab at it too!).

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