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Why retesting is so important with running technique analysis

One of the greatest breakthroughs we’ve had working with our new 3d running technique analysis systems is the ability to retest over and over again until we’ve exhausted all opportunities of improvement, and probably yourself as a result as well! Fear not, every retest we do only requires 30 seconds of ‘measurements’ to give us when we need in terms of how we can fine tune you to getting the very best from yourself. Certain reasons why we could be retesting include:

  • Which speed are you most efficient ?
  • Which speed are you most inefficient ?
  • What happens when we run you at comfortable pace?
  • What happens when we run you at race pace?
  • What happens if we increased your cadence ?
  • What happens if we alter your foot placement ?
  • What happens if we alter your posture when you run ?
  • What happens if you run in a different running shoes ?
  • What happens if we test you with your orthotics in ?
  • What happens if we test you with your orthotics out ?

Needless to say, it can be a lengthy process trying out different methods, mainly because we like to give you as much feedback as possible following every test and also to keep you clearly in the loop as to what we are trying to achieve. For those reasons, retesting is only available in the longer running modules. This being the Gold module (2 Hrs+) and the Iron module (3hrs +, which includes treatment or further conditioning time)

If you are coming in on either Bronze (45 minutes) or Silver module (90 mins), you’ll still leave with plenty of great information as to how we can improve your efficiency, but without having time to retest again and again and again, we can’t always place the theory into the evidence based practise that you would get if choosing Gold and Iron. 

StrideUK 6 month running review and why we would recommend it

By customer demand, we also provide a 6 month running review for any clients revisiting us following your initial visit to StrideUK. We never intended to offer this as we're paranoid about appearing like an up sell / cross sell kind of company. However, in the light of feedback from clients, we do believe that we can justify why it's such a good product to consider.

How can a 6 month running review help me?

  • Firstly, as we have your initial running analysis secure on our systems, we have the ability to place them side to side (and even over each other so we've just found out) to compare the old versus new. This is a great way to help you see for yourself whether your training / conditioning program has paid off since you last visited us.
  • Secondly, mindful that every change of lever (through strengthening / stretching) can have a direct impact on it's neighbouring or opposing muscle, your new technique could well be harbouring a different area of vulnerability as a result of over compensating. 
  • Thirdly, as we believe that performance advice or rehabilitation tips are best prescribed in small easy to implement doses, there's always other areas we can provide you with efficiency and performance gains, one of them investigates your warm up and cool down program (that's if you have one at all?!)

It's for these reasons why we offer a 6 month running review. The question is, how far down the biomechanical rabbit hole are you willing to go? You will never find us short of ideas to help make you a faster or more robust runner! 
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