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Running... it has it's ups and downs!

Despite so many conflicting opinions as to how we should run based on evolution, physics and how the Kenyans do it. There's no one particular answer as to how we can improve our own running form. This is because we're all individuals.  Being individuals, we've done our own form of evolving over a lifetime, hence we've become forged to being the self standing individuals we are today. This makes us unique. Therefore, based on your own unique set up, what may make complete logical sense 'by the book', doesn't always make physical sense 'in reality!' In fact, often by trying to do something different against your bodies natural 'pathway of motionr' may end up with a world of new other problems as a result (some of us have learnt this the hard way!!) This is why we woudn't promote you to run much different than you already do. 

it has it's ups and downs

However... putting all theories to one side, there are certain aspects that can have a dramatic impact to your running form and efficiency that cannot be denied by any biomechanical institution, and one of them is called Gravity.  We need Gravity just as much as we need air to breathe. It's gravity that stimulates bone mass and muscle density, It drives many chemical, biological, and ecological processes for both living and non living organisms. it allows earth to retain it's atmosphere and best of all it allows us to store it's energy as potential energy, allowing us to harness it. And it's our belief this is the very first thing we should be looking at!

Our Oath... To make the complicated, uncomplicated!

Think of the body as a pogo stick, whilst gravity is pulling you to the ground, it’s vital for the spring to have enough elasticity to collect this energy on the waydown to provide you with sufficient energy recoil on the way up. Too much ‘spring dampening’ can cause muscles to over work to try and control decelleration, too stiff spring would give you minimal shock absorption hence less energy return. It's our own unique 'tolerance' to gravity that defines our ability to withstand these forces for the durations that we do. Some of us have a better tolerance to gravity than others, and there's a multitude of reasons why this could be the case. The problem for years is that we've been unable to measure how this effects you personally... until now!

StrideUK boots up to 3D technology

  Don't think we stop at just measuring your issues with gravity! Being one of the first in the UK to invest in this brand new Swedish developed 3d software, combining measurements of depth and distance alongside weight, height and velocity, we can now get a detailed understanding as to what forces can contribute to injury or loss of running economy and performance. This helps us to seperate the running facts from the theories and get you one step closer as to what works well, specifically for you. With only 30 seconds running time required in our Gait Lab, there's no end as to how far down the rabbit hole you want to go to improving performance.
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