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StrideUK Injury & therapy clinic, it's not just running injuries we treat!

They say there are 3 kinds of runners, runners that have an injury, runners that have just got over an injury and runners that are just about to have an injury! Mindful of this, we like to think that if we're not working with you using 3D running analysis, we can be supporting you what ever stage of the training cycle you are.
'I pride myself on giving you as much control of your rehabilitation as possible, saving you both time and money in the long run. Expect a thorough investigation and plenty of tests to help me tap into where you are in the injury cycle. Providing you follow the homework I may set, you really needn't be visiting me or any health professional on a regular basis.' 

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Feel free to throw us pretty much any time of day you wish to visit (the worst that could happen is we'd say no!). One of the advantages of having a clinic at the back of the house is that we'll try to offer as much flexibility working around your availabilities. Our best suggestion therefore is to call us today and see if we can get a date in the book. If you're Hove based you can always book in with Mitchell at his Hove Clinic All treatments are fixed at 60 minutes (£62). This is solely due to the belief that this gives us the opportunity to be as thorough as possible to help get you back to function as quickly as possible. Regrettably we choose not to work with Insurance companies as the red tape just keeps on growing. if visiting us for the first time, expect to leave with a clear understanding of your present injury armed with all you need to know to help you overcome the injury by yourself. Please note it is not just running injuries we treat, we're just as well experienced with upper body as lower body discomfort.  Needless to say, you're very welcome to contact us to discuss your injury prior to comitting to an appointment.

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