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running facts vs fads

Are You Ready To Be Unplugged?

Here at StrideUK, for over seven years we have provided running technique analysis to help runners overcome injury, improve performance and stay injury free. Experience is a great teacher but the learning never stops, so we are constantly aware of the need to stay up to date in terms of research and methodology. With an ever increasing amount of information and advice out there on running - on websites, in magazines, dvd’s and books - it is important to recognise that not all the advice given is, well... 100% true. It can often be misleading, contradicting or just plain wrong.
Our ‘Running Facts vs Fads’ section will bring you up to date with what we do (and don’t) currently know about injury prevention & running performance, and by busting a few myths and misconceptions along the way our intention is to give you, the runner, the tools to be more critical of what you read and hear in your quest for reducing injury risk and improving your running performance. 

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