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Running Injury Free...The Benefits Of Running Technique Analysis is a website that is the direct hub of the UK's obstacle course racing and mud running community. In the pages of Mudstacle you'll find news, event reviews, a calendar to plan future events and a forum to talk through thoughts and advice on equipment, training, events and whatever else takes your fancy. They even included a review on running technique analysis following a visit to us folk at StrideUK!

Peter Barnes - Marathon runner and Physics lecturer!

Peter Barnes

I'm 56 and have been running 6 years.  I ache in lots of places, my stretching is ineffective and I want a sub 4H marathon time.  Stride addressed my issues and goals, gave me an excellent analysis of my current state and showed me how to avoid future injury, improve my running efficiency and hopefully, my overall speed.

As a Science teacher and a Physics lecturer, I was keen to know details and I was impressed with the way in which information was presented.  Easy for a lay person to follow but sufficiently detailed to satisfy the most demanding questions.

I strongly recommend this company.
Peter Barnes

Michaela Furlong - Team GB age group triathlete

Michaela Furlong

Fed up with my continual complaining about these injuries, my partner David bought me the best birthday present ever. The StrideUK Iron package. Through his very thorough analysis, Mitch got to the root of the problem, recommended a change in training and racing shoes and gave me a set of realistic and easy to follow strength building exercises to improve and correct my running gait. I followed Mitch's advice and regularly carried out his recommended exercises and after about 6 weeks, i began to notice the difference. I felt stronger, i was keeping up with people in my training sets who I could not previously and I was shaving minutes off of my PB's. Most importantly, the injuries and pain in my right leg were no more. The pinnacle of my short career in Triathlon came in late September of this year when I competed in the European Qualifier sprint triathlon at Rother Valley. I won my age group by two minutes, was 7th female overall and as a result will be going to Alanya, Turkey in June to represent Team GB in my age group at the European Sprint Triathlon Championships. Read more...

Mudstacle events

Phil Harris - Mudstacle competitor

Hi guys, just wanted to write and say thankyou so much!
I saw Mitch just over 2 weeks ago with recurring ITB problems and even though due to work and spare time restrictions I’ve only been doing around half of the homework he set me I still managed to complete 2 hard going running events this last weekend (Judgement Day & Tough Mudder) without so much as a niggle!
Mid Feb I couldn’t run more than 5km, this last weekend I ran 23 miles in 2 days no problem.
My top tip to share back to you is that Mitch advised me to stretch out my hip flexors for 60 seconds each side twice a day so I’ve incorporated this into my tooth brushing routine! Each time I brush my teeth I kneel down on the bathroom floor and stretch out for 60 seconds each side with my electric toothbrush helpfully counting the time for me!I’ll keep up the stretching and exercises as I’m amazed how quickly it’s helped me.
Thanks again.
Phil Harris

Lazy Eye Blog - My running analysis diary

I first heard of Stride UK via a link on the Sussex Sport Photography website, I’ve never had gait analysis done so was intrigued by the whole process. The website has a ton of information and though I didn’t book an appointment at the time, I made a mental note to come back to it. Months later and I need to buy new trainers, running shoes to be precise, and I know that my running technique is flawed but not being a professional athlete with coaches around me I’m a bit stuck on how to proceed. Then I remember about Stride UK and decide to book an appointment, I also thought it would be useful to diary the whole process as I’m sure there must be thousands of runners up and down the country who wonder if this sort of thing is worth it.
To read the full blog: click here 

Darran Potter

Feedback  - Darran Potter,
British London 10k 

Hi Mitchell If you recall me and my son had a Friday afternoon session with you a few weeks back? Pointy out feet, crossover gait and tight quads) Since then I've been stretching, rolling and dipping 3 times a day every day and today ran the British London 10k raising £500 for the heart of Kent hospice pain free!!! Without the insights I gained from you I'd have pulled out thinking my running days were over. Instead I'm planning next year!Early days but I hope to go from strength to strength and return to regular running. Once again thanks so much :-)
Regards Darran Potter

A Testimonial from an International Client.

DISCLAIMER: I did not receive anything from StrideUK for this review. I paid for the analysis on my own!
So... early September, having a spare afternoon to spend before the flight back to HK, I fixed an appointment for a gait analysis with StrideUK, based in Hove (which is basically a suburb of Brighton). In line with my "engineer" style, I will try to keep it short and in bullet forms.
Level of the equipment, I would score it 4 out of 5 (5 which is "space lab" level). So although beneath 'Space Lab level', a solid set-up with all the right equipments. I particularly remarked the special treadmill (from Sprintex).
Attitude of the analyst, score 5 out of 5.  Mitchell, the owner, really stands out in the crowd of the all the gait analyst which I met until now. Why ? because he took a "white sheet of paper" approach, without any pre-assumption on the needs of orthotics or this or that kind of shoes. Different from many labs, where  a way to get extra income is pushing the envelope for this or that insole, he is not connected to any insole/orthotics manufacturer.  For more of this testomonial - click here

Doug Spry - Ironman

Doug Spry - Completing his first Ironman

Hi Mitchell, I thought you might like some feedback since my consultation back in April. You may remember that I came to you complaining of years of calf muscle tears and terrible calf soreness after running. You spotted that I landed too much on my forefoot, leant too far forward and had a tendency to bounce which was probably the reason for the soreness. Well you were right. I followed the stretching and strengthening plan you gave me and I adjusted my running style to land more mid-foot, stand more upright and try not to bounce - and yesterday I completed my first ironman distance race on in 13hrs 12mins.   
Thanks again I couldn't have done it without your help 
Cheers Doug Spry 

NHS Live well feature StrideUK

NHS Choices fitness editor Steven Shukor visits StrideUK in Hove, Sussex, to have his running style analysed.
When NHS Choices was invited by StrideUK in Hove, Sussex, to shoot a video about running technique, I had no hesitation in volunteering to be a guinea pig. These guys cater for runners of all abilities, from absolute beginners to professional athletes, helping them to reduce pain and injury and improve performance. More info...

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