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About StrideUK

V1 Golf swing software

A little bit of history...
In 2006, Mitchell Phillips, a postural rehabilitation specialist was introduced to Video Gait Analysis after rehabbing a Golf Pro back from injury. As payback, Mitchell was treated to a golf lesson which included a video analysis of his golf swing. In slow motion playback, he took great interest in noticing that he shared very little technique in comparison to a high level pro golfer, yet such a visual element was the catalyst to investigate whether this technology could be used for helping runners. Video Analysis systems did exist but were predominantly used by podiatrists for observing foot and ankle kinematics. Knowing what he originally knew about postural rehabilitation, it was clear to him that movement didn't necessarily start from the feet up. Working with case studies for 12 months using a very simple Golf Swing Analysis software V1, he found himself noticing subtle movements (possibly relevant to loss of performance or injury) that would have been missed in a typical clinic environment. Paranoid that 'static' clinic environments may not see everything to give runners the most accurate advice... StrideUK was launched in 2008. 

Refurb alert!

Running Gait Lab 2008 - 2016

Since launch 2008, we invested into one of the best '2D' gait labs available. It was important not to cut corners as we wanted to simulate everything as close to normal natural running. This featured a 2 camera system mounted on stands to film the left side of the runner and the back of the runner (how did we accomplish 360 degrees...  we also invested in a specialised treadmill which drives both ways (we'll give you a bit of time to work out how that did the job!)  Using Templo software to capture the recordings enabled us to play back as many screens at any speed at any given moment. The calibration boards by the side of the treadmill were priceless in order for us to help visually detect and calculate any subtle movements which would go unoticed in a shop or on a race track. This worked perfectly for us as this technology was at it's peak at that time. 

New from July 2017

Our 2017 new refurb lab

Following over 8 successful years of working with our 2 dimensional gait lab, we noticed how technology had vastly improved in the world of motion capture. And as from July 1 2017, we went 3D! 
Same treadmill (but no need to run it the other way anymore), 2 cameras with depth sensing technology that can measure distance to capture 3d. Our new software Motion Metrix (designed and developed in Sweden) collates all the data to create a fully 3D segmentation model of the runner. This means... no more body marking, no more calibration boards (hence we chose a lovely image of the main Caucasian ridge of Shkhara Mountain), no more running in minimal running clothing, far less interpretations given by your running analyst, far more evidence based data with the ability to retest again and again to put theory into practise. 

Mitchell Phillips, Performance Analyst, Director StrideUK

Mitchell Phillips

Mitchell initially studied through Asics Sub 4 biomechanics Academy in 2007 with specialist musculoskeletal podiatrist Clifton Bradeley. Having an interest in full kinetic chain movement, he furthered his training with Motion Analysis sports academy Currex Gmbh specialising in clinical video gait calibration and the skill of using 360 degree full body video motion analysis systems. 

To date, Mitchell has worked with a broad diversity of Athletes, from novice 'couch to 5k' to marathon runners, triathletes, ultrarunners. Mitchell has had the honour of working with Olympic and Commonwealth distance runner Liz Yelling, double Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell and world class stand up comedian and actor Eddie Izzard. He has written for Running Fitness, a Q&A expert for Runners World, and presently is a monthly contributor to Mens Running.
He has worked directly with NHS choices, Virgin London Marathon, NSPCC, Oxfam, Yelling Performance, and has been interviewed on Marathon Talk and Talk Ultra podcast shows. 

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