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As much as running shoes are important...we show you how to run better!

If you believe you've had your running technique analysed before other than at StrideUK, think again. Unlike 99% of all other running stores in the uk offering video gait analysis service,  StrideUK stand proud to be one of the very few video gait analysis companies that analyse the whole body instead of just your feet.

Since launch in August 2008, StrideUKs clientele has grown so quickly due to being one of the very few Video Gait Analysis companies that pay strict attention as to how the entire body performs during the process of running. Without promoting one particular running style for all, StrideUK fine tune each and every ones running technique... individually.

StrideUK boots up to 3d analysis

New 3d systems

Proud to being one of very first in the UK to invest in this latest 3 dimensional software from Motion Matrix, we believe that this is the worlds most complete motion capturing software for runners. With it's ability to create a fully 3D segmentation model of the runner, this highly intuitive system can measure running economy (stride performance), gait symmetry and joint loading. Unless you are a Jedi Knight, it has been impossible to measure all the forces at the same time! No more body marking, no more running in minimal clothing, less interpretations based on what the analyst is seeing, more factual evidence as to how efficient you are as a runner and whether you exhibit any risks of getting injured.
Prices from £129 for a full body analysis with interest free payment plans available.

Go for Gold at StrideUK!

Why retesting is so important with running technique analysis.

One of the greatest breakthroughs we’ve had working with our new 3d running technique analysis systems is the ability to retest over and over again until we’ve exhausted all opportunities of improvement, and probably yourself as a result as well!  Fear not, every retest we do only requires 30 seconds of ‘measurements’ to give us when we need in terms of how we can fine tune you to getting the very best from yourself. Needless to say, it can be a lengthy process trying out different methods, for those reasons, retesting is only available in the longer running modules being the Gold and the Iron Module.  Read more


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